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Contemporary art

Agathe May. The lark mirror

45 min visit

Galerie Catherine Putman
16 Jan → 13 Mar 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« Cell phones grafted into our hands, our eyes constantly glued to the screens... An era worthy of Black Mirror episode! Agathe May tries to awaken consciences through touching and confusing engravings... »

For her fifth solo exhibition at the gallery, Agathe May presents unpublished prints made between 2016 and 2019. The works presented depict a bitterly true picture of the world we live in. Like larks trapped by shiny and attractive objects, humans cannot resist the call of the screens. The characters are depicted staring at their phones and other devices; their faces sadly lit by this artificial light trap and enclose them in their bubble. They are both connected to the world and yet totally out of reality. The characters portrayed seem to have no interaction with the real world, except for the animals who observe them with a curious eye. Deaf, dumb, and blinded by the screens, humans are as if they are taken by madness and judged by the little beasts that surround them. Agathe May's engravings provide a critical and hypersensitive vision of human dependence on technology, present at every moment of our lives. Nature is so beautiful, just raise your head!


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