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Visual art

Alain Fleischer The General Adventure

120 min visit

The Centquatre
15 Dec → 17 Jan 2021
From Wed to Sun from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed on Mon & Tue.

« This fall's event exhibition. Not to be missed under any circumstances!  »

Alain Fleischer's universe is so abundant that to walk through it becomes a real adventure in the footsteps of someone who never ceases to capture the mysteries of images, playing with their spectres, tinkering with print objects, through photography, cinema or even writing. So many forms where "reality is only the other side of illusion". "An artist has a world. His own share of a world that belongs to all", writes Alain Fleischer. Difficult, then, to make an ordered synthesis of it. The artist has spent his life being astonished by images, their shadows and reflections, questioning them through creation without ever being satisfied with a fixed form, and chasing the mystery, whether through photography, cinema, writing or installation. Rather than a retrospective exhibition, he prefers to invite us to a General Adventure conceived in complicity with Danielle Schirman, his companion, and with Dominique Païni, a great connoisseur of his work, to move us and make us discover the secrets "of faces, bodies, objects, animals, furniture, toys, mirrors, images, voices, sounds, projections, lights, shadows, machines, decoys, games, reflections". A drift in a teeming universe where "reality is only the other side of illusion".


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