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Alain Séchas : Ô Saisons, ô Chats !

75 min visit

Maison d'Art Bernard Anthonioz
16 Jan → 5 Apr 2020
Wed to Mon from 1 pm to 6 pm and 12 pm to 6 pm on weekend. Closed Tue.

« A real pleasure to find the "cat" figures of Alain Séchas. To see in family absolutely!  »

Today, Alain Séchas' cats live in the Smith-Champion castle. A real melody in "cha" that brings us back to this surprising anthropomorphic work that the Fondation des artistes is offering us to discover. On the banks of waterways, lazy in the forests, irreverent in their consumption of alcohol and cigarettes... The positions of these animal figures seem familiar, close to the bourgeois imagination of the end of the 19th century that emerges from the place where the works are exhibited and which recall recurrent motifs from the history of art of that period. The sensuality and voluptuousness of the bodies rub shoulders with melancholy, as in Rimbaud's poem Ô Saisons, Ô Châteaux! whose ambivalence Séchas uses. Distinct emotional states between which his cats, solitary (anti)heroes or couples, could well evolve. The artist grasps reality and makes it undergo a work of derealization and simplification, pushing the spectator to question what he sees and to question his interest in these new images.


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