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Alberto Giacometti. The wonderful real

90 min visit

Grimaldi Forum
3 Jul → 29 Aug 2021
Every day from 10am to 10pm

« Enter the intimacy of Giacometti through the first retrospective devoted to the artist in Monaco, in association with the Giacometti Foundation in Paris. »

He is one of the most important artists of the 20th century. His sculptures of elongated figures are well known, yet much of his work remains unknown. Giacometti was inspired by his surroundings but managed to break the artistic hierarchy. These are loved ones, trivial objects from his studio, Swiss landscapes from his childhood or the Parisian suburbs. Whatever the case, he is amazed by this reality, by this "wonderful reality" as he calls it. This exhibition-event presents 230 works accompanied by photographs and 14 original sequences. The artist's favourite themes, namely the head, the face and the female body, are obviously addressed. In addition to presenting Giacometti and his work as a whole, the aim is to present him from another angle: discover his particular relationship to solitude and melancholy, as well as his personal way of working with his models (his wife, his brother, his close friends, etc.). Works and photographic archives are presented through an exceptional scenography that recalls the spirit and aesthetics of his Paris studio, a place of intimate life.


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