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Anthony Cuhady. The moon set a knife

45 min visit

Semiose Gallery
22 May → 3 Jul 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« There are colourful paintings, drawings on the edge of the unreal, and yet this exhibition is a general reflection on human feelings. »

The mysterious title of this exhibition refers to Federico García Lorca's play Bodas de sangre [Blood Wedding]. The personified Moon represents death through the features of an old woman, who points a murderous knife in the direction of the heart. This knife, which the Moon leaves in the air, is in the hand of a woman, on her knees, who is disembowelling a painting of a horse. Violent painting in the theme represented but also in the chosen colours! With these powerful works, Anthony Cuhady wants to retranscribe human emotions as well as possible. The black or coloured lines translate pure and sincere emotions through scenes that are more or less realistic, even dreamlike. And yet, some scenes have all the characteristics of a photograph taken on the spot: the play of eyes, the position of the characters, the frames of the scenes... This realism comes from the fact that the artist is inspired by photographs that he breaks down from painting to painting to form a series. He extracts a reality from these photographs in order to compose complex scenes, where the human figure is essential despite the dubious situations in which it finds itself. Between allegory and truth, the visitor does not really know where to stand. How to approach these works which are at the same time foreign and familiar, universal and personal? These paintings are teeming with various references, such as masterpieces of art history, pop culture, queer archives and family stories... In any case, the young American painter offers us an original approach to temporality, the human psyche and social relations.


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