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Armelle de Sainte Marie. Garden Party

45 min visit

Galerie Jean Fournier
12 Aug → 14 Nov 2020
From Tue to Fri 10 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm. Sat 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Mon & Sun.

« Feel like nature? Escape into the colorful and organic universe of Armelle de Sainte Marie!  »

As Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier wrote, "Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed". Armelle de Sainte Marie understood this well! For her first exhibition at the Jean Fournier gallery, the artist presents two series, Hybrides and Odysseys. It is in a delicate atmosphere that we discover compositions of an instinctive fluidity. Hybrides is a series of biomorphic forms that seem to float in an empty space. Minerals, plants or animals? Between corals, feathers and stones, we are bewitched by the delicacy of its warmly colored forms. Odyssées, on the contrary, is a series of canvases totally invaded by brightly colored flat tints. These two contrasting series interact and complement each other: they remind us of the sophistication of Renaissance drapery rendering, yet the materials they represent distance them from each other. The softness of the feathers is opposed to the roughness of the stone. Armelle de Sainte Marie wishes to give an account of the emotions and sensations of her childhood. Nature is obviously present in the artist's memories, giving birth to colored organic forms. Bright colors and pastels mix with disparate natural materials.


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