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Art Deco, an art of living. The liner Île de France

75 min visit

Musée des Années 30
16 Oct → 10 Feb 2020
From Tue to Sun from 11am to 6pm. Closed Mon

« A magnificent journey into the epic of greater French maritime success! Ticket on site..  »

Embark for a day on board the liner "Île-de-France"! In this teeming inter-war period, where the world is changing so fast, where travel is multiplying, the liner is a mode of transport synonymous with the art of living. Île-de-France quickly became a symbol among these buildings of the 1920s, thanks to its luxury and decoration. It embodies French excellence: people dance, have fun and eat the best of gastronomy. Its decoration and innovative equipment are exceptional. Paintings, furniture and objects were entrusted to the greatest artists of the time: the liner was a showcase for Art Deco and the art of travel. During the Second World War, he became a true war hero and, after the conflict, he resumed crossing for a few years, even if the trips he made on board were therefore very different. Enjoy it! During a day on board, in the cabins, smoking rooms, hospital or engine room, come and live the thousand lives told in this place.


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