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Contemporary art

Artists' entrance

45 min visit

Air de Paris
20 May → 30 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.

« A beautiful breath to regain a taste for art!  »

With the group exhibition "Entrée des artistes" presented at Air de Paris, it is time to take the time to wander around again. The gallery has composed a visual landscape with works that were "just waiting for it". Finally assembled elsewhere than in virtual spaces, they tell stories, carry ideas and open reflections. There, there is art all the way to the desks, whose tables are the work of Flint Jamison. On the LED scrollers circulate messages from the artist that question our lives and current events: "How do we start again", "What next". Accompanying it are Adriana Lara's The Hanged Man, a divinatory painting that contemplates the world while it is being observed; Liam Gillick's proposals for the construction of a more egalitarian society in 16 works; and François Curlet's Cococat, a sculpture of a cat's refuge, a true Robinsonesque dream. In the library there is a dialogue between Jean-Luc Verna's drawings of birds in make-up as images of freedom and Sarah Pucci's postcards, tokens of love. In short, an eclectic ensemble for the richest of artistic walks!


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