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Bae Bien-U. Orum

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Galerie RX
5 Dec → 23 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« Get away from everything thanks to the calm and uncluttered atmosphere of the RX gallery! »

For his third solo show at the RX gallery, the Korean Bae Bien-U presents his latest series "Orum". Composed of seven monumental photographs of volcanic landscapes, the series spreads throughout the gallery space. For the past twenty years, volcanic landscapes have been an integral part of the photographer's work, always eager to show the invisible. With "Orum", the aim is to put an image on the wind, this destructive force that we cannot really see. We hear the wind when it blows; we see its effects on nature with typhoons for example. But we have never seen the shape of the wind. Bae Bien-U is trying to do this with these pictures! Monumental, these photographs almost look abstract: tight framing, unusually high or low horizon lines, striking contrast... These shapes look like female silhouettes. Yet, these images were taken on the volcanic islands of Jeju, during the morning strolls of Bae Bien-U. This is a natural site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. It is the minimalism of these photographs that misleads us and enhances the spirituality of its landscapes where only the spirit can penetrate. Bae Bien-U succeeds in capturing the beauty and spirituality. It is a reminder to us humans that we must live in harmony with nature and not destroy it! The monumental photographs of Bae Bien-U are exhibited alongside sculptures by Christian Lapie. For his first solo exhibition, the artist has chosen seven solid oak sculptures made in 2020. They are in perfect harmony with Bae Bien-U's clichés: minimalist and monumental! Two birds with one stone!


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