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Being Beautiful

60 min visit

Musée de l'Homme
24 Jun → 31 Dec 2020
From Wednesday to Monday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed on Tuesday.

« Diverted looks, open to the other. An exhibition which feels good!  »

What's good-looking? Is it like those pictures you see in the magazines? Is it like those women and men that we are presented with as the perfection to be achieved? Is it having a normalized body that functions fully, smoothly and without eccentricities? On the occasion of the World Day of Persons with Disabilities, discover the exhibition "Being Beautiful", a series of portraits of people of all ages, backgrounds and professions, who have in common that they are not in the "norm". This exhibition begins with the son of the writer Frédérique Deghelt, who once told her that being normal is "being beautiful and not drooling". From this reflection emerged a feeling of rejection, and a regret: that of being silenced. From there, Frédérique Deghelt and the photographer Astrid di Crollalanza gave images and words to those who are generally not representable, not audible, and whom we call "handicapped", without ever giving this word any other definition than that of lack. In this series of large-format portraits, each person photographed has chosen his or her universe, his or her setting, to present himself or herself as he or she wished. After having been reduced to their difference all their lives, they regain control of their image, their body, their condition. What is being beautiful? This exhibition answers us: to be beautiful is to be oneself.


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