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Ben Russell. The Invisible Mountain

60 min visit

Le Plateau - Frac Ile-de-France
23 Jan → 5 Apr 2020
Wednesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

« An invitation to an embodied and hallucinatory experience of the image! »

With the first exhibition in France devoted to the American artist Ben Russell, the frac Ile-de-France invites you on a true journey to infinity. "The Invisible Mountain" is a multiple audiovisual installation that allows an embodied and hallucinatory experience of the documentary image. Ben Russell, inspired by René Daumal's short story "Le Mont Analogue", immerses us in the pilgrimage of a Finnish traveller in search of a utopian summit. His trajectory takes us from Finland to Greece to the afterlife: central subject, the journey is at the same time road trip, concert tour, state of alteration. The video labyrinth unfolds like a choreography of movements where the beginning, the end and the interludes blend together. The soundtrack is characterized by a sculptural approach to sound, the image is processed to produce random stroboscopic effects. The projection itself becomes an object and offers a pure experience of video projection. Hypnotic! Little by little, the visitor climbs to this hypothetical summit, from where all points of view can be seen, felt and heard simultaneously. A radical and striking experience of a world on the verge of dissolution.


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