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Contemporary art

Ben Tolman

45 min visit

Galerie LJ
23 May → 20 Jun 2020
Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

« A long-awaited second exhibition for this exceptional drawing artist!  »

Do you know this outstanding American drawing? The density and the labyrinthic aspect of his work are extremely recognizable. The starting point is always the same: an asserted spatiality like a shantytown, an industrial skyscraper or an alleyway. From there, Ben Tolman creates multi-storey scenes, as so many possible scenarios in which the viewer can get lost. Places under construction, men and women wandering around, scenes from everyday life, a few buildings in ruins and here tagged places. These urban landscapes, extremely varied, seem so realistic until the discovery of incongruous elements that the artist likes to integrate. So many fantasies which then invite to reconsider the whole image. The fact that the drawing is done in ink, in a black and white swarm of fine lines, hatching and dots, only adds to the discovery of the surprises it hides, in the manner of Où Est Charlie. It's like a treasure hunt! The spectator is all the more captivated and it is impossible not to get lost in Ben Tolman's work: the perfect opportunity to come and immerse yourself in it.


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