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Body and Soul. From Donatello to Michelangelo. Italian Renaissance Sculptures.

90 min visit

Louvre Museum
19 May → 21 Jun 2021
Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun from 9 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Wed and Fri until 9:45 pm. Closed Tue.

« An exhibition to discover an essential and magnificent part of the Italian Renaissance.  »

The Quattrocento has made history for its exceptional artistic effervescence: Antiquity became the absolute model, humanist philosophy placed Man at the centre of the world and artistic forms evolved as a consequence. The Italian 15th century saw the birth of famous artists who revolutionised art, from Donatello to Michelangelo, as well as Mantegna and Botticelli. After returning to the first half of this century in the exhibition "The Spring of the Renaissance", the Louvre looks back at the progress and apogee of sculpture in the second half of the Quattrocento with "Body and Soul". It was at this time that the representation of the human figure took on extremely innovative forms: balance of proportions, diversity of movement, spatial placement of the figure, but also narrative and dramatic characterisation of the scenes represented. While the exhibition does not miss the great masters known to all, it also offers the opportunity to discover less well-known artists, often inaccessible by their place of conservation. With more than 150 works that illustrate the main lines of strength of Italian sculpture, it highlights and contextualizes this key moment of the Renaissance.


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