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Contemporary art

Body Language

63 min visit

Eric Mouchet Gallery
2 Jul → 29 Aug 2020
From Monday to Saturday 11 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Sunday.

« Get ready to talk the body language ! »

Sensual body, mutilated body, body as a political weapon. At the centre of artistic preoccupations, the body is constantly represented, acted out, transformed, used as an object. It appears in turn suffering, militant, erotic, destructured. Body language brings together works by the artists represented by the gallery and Eric Mouchet's collection. Here, ORLAN uses her female body as a feminist instrument to explore her relationship to alterity: with it, she questions the pressures on the body while transforming her own at leisure. Here, Robert Mapplethorpe in the late 1970s, who brings homosexual identity to light with his sensual and controversial clichés of the New York sadomasochistic scene. Hudinilson Jr. explores the slightest detail of his body using a photocopier as a medium. El David, for which Miguel Ángel Rojas is famous, can also be rediscovered. This series of photographs of a one-legged man, deprived of a part of his body after stepping on a mine, recalls human vulnerability. Each one and many others, from Christine Crozat to Kubra Khademi to Pierre Gaignard, push us to put our own body into perspective.


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