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Brognon Rollin, The penultimate version of reality

60 min visit

Mac Val
17 Jun → 31 Jan 2021
Only on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm. Ticket on site-only

« A first monographic exhibition for this duo of French artists who explore time from every angle! TICKET ON SITE »

Is reality soluble in its representation? It is this question, rich and complex, that constitutes the common thread of the first monographic exhibition of the artist duo Brognon Rollin. Bringing together new productions and existing works, it is organized around a reflection on time, its perception and relativity; on representation; and on the effects of confinement (both mental and physical). The work of David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin is part of a history of minimal and conceptual art. Combining symbols, facts, objects, anecdotes, their works are polysemic and are embodied through different media with a common point of departure, man and his relationship to the world. A clock freezes as the spectator approaches in the constrained space of a cell (8m2 Loneliness); the island of Gorée is shifted on a scale of 1 to enclose it fragment by fragment in a shelf (Cosmographia); in Jerusalem, on a football field with a geometrically opposed shape, children calculate the right place for the central circle (The Agreement). Thus, the works in the exhibition are experienced as so many spatio-temporal faults and, in the end, engage in a meditation on the programmed disappearance of everything.


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