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Contemporary art

Mohamed Bourouissa. Brutal Family Roots

45 min visit

Galerie Kamel Mennour
4 Sep → 3 Oct 2020

« Need a rest? Rendezvous near the Saint-Louis Island for a resourcing break ! »

The work of the Algerian Mohamed Bourouissa presented at Kamel Mennour will allow you to find yourself. Enter a garden-like space in the city. The project was conceived in Australia during an artist's residency far from Mohamed Bourouissa's native land. This green space is a melting pot of cultures: Australian plants, watercolors of the artist, archives of a herbarium found at the Wisteria Library in Blida, the artist's home town... It is a return to the natural and native sources that Mohamed Bourouissa offers you. Would this garden be the remedy against homesickness? If an ocean separates Australia and Algeria, they are two very close countries. Mohamed Bourouissa found on his land of welcome the acacia, plant very present in Algeria, arrived from Australia by the colonial roads. The close relationship between these communities can be seen both in the dazzling color of the carpet, that of the acacia, and in the audio broadcast in space. This is a collaboration with MC Kronic, a Wodi Wodi rapper from Australia, Nardean who is an Australian-Egyptian poet, writer and singer, and with French sound designer Jordan Quiqueret. The four artists managed to create a soundscape from the active energy frequencies of the living acacia tree. Just like this plant, Rap is a unifying musical style for many communities. This immersive experience brings together nature, science, art and music in the same space, just as the acacia or Rap can be unifying. Let yourself be transported by the work, feel the trees and hear the vibrations. You will not be disappointed by the journey!


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