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Buren-Parreno. Simultaneously, works in situ and in movement

45 min visit

Galerie Kamel Mennour
5 Dec → 27 Feb 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« An exhibition worthy of a museum for free in a renowned gallery. Go for it! »

For the opening of his new gallery space, Kamel Mennour is hosting an original exhibition where Daniel Buren and Philippe Parreno are engaged in a dialogue through a grandiose installation. One works in situ, the other does not, and yet their creations complement each other in this vast 350m2 space. The works were conceived and assembled especially for the event. We recognize the Buren touch with its famous stripes. But once again, he innovates by playing with lights, colors, transparency, reflections and geometric shapes. The artist has created a false architecture within the gallery by installing 25 staggered columns. As for the windows, they are covered with colored filters. Parreno gave life to the blinds already present in the space by also adding color. "Simultaneously, works in situ and in movement" is interested in the way things are revealed and concealed. Here, objects are both present and absent. They exist when they are exhibited and each new exhibition makes them different. The two artists question the existence, the appearance of forms and the way to show them in an unprecedented exhibition. The boundaries between the works, the gallery space and the space in which the viewer can move are blurred. The place is, as the name of the exhibition indicates, simultaneously work and gallery. The spectator becomes one with the work, immersed in the Burennian universe mixed with that of Parreno. Breathtaking!


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