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Caroline Delieutraz When We Were Trolls (WWWT)

40 min visit

22,48 m²
12 Sep → 26 Oct 2019
From Wednesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed from Sunday to Tuesday.

« A controlled dive into the world of trolling! »

For this new solo exhibition at the 22.48 m² gallery, Caroline Delieutraz continues her work on the circulation of images in the age of the Internet and social networks. The artist's new pieces address the issue of violence on the Internet and explore the imaginations that underlie it. In the exhibition "When We Were Trolls (WWWT)", Caroline Delieutraz looks at the dark side of the Internet through the figure of the "troll". This term is used to refer to people whose unwanted or excessive interventions are intended to disrupt the functioning of online communities, and to provoke strong reactions from some users. Over the years, it has been tinged with a threatening aura, both through the use of this practice for political destabilization and for the violence that some of its followers have been able to demonstrate, including group harassment. Based on the hard disk of a certain Aurélien and the interviews she was able to conduct with him, Caroline Delieutraz draws a digital portrait of a particularly effective troll, having operated in the years 2000 and 2010. From masks to avatars, a form of documentary writing is emerging which, from a virtual world with very real implications, slips towards a bitter reverie. In a game of repulsion attraction, the artist explores the strategies deployed by the self-proclaimed "king of trolls". It depicts the proud confession of a character who calls himself a sociopath, based on elements whose status oscillates, by the very activity of the troll and the anonymity it presupposes, between the exhibit and the trophy.


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