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Contemporary art

Cécile Beau. Hylé

45 min visit

22,48 m²
9 Jan → 29 Feb 2020
From Wednesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed from Sunday to Tuesday.

« An organic matter, alive, silent, magnified by Cécile Beau!  »

Here, stalactites made of beech and acacia trunks, at the foot of which the humus heap formed by the decomposition of the wood is deposited. Here, photos of a cavity in a root printed on aluminium give the impression of facing a rocky cave. Further on, bark on the wall reminds us of animal molts. Cécile Beau's exhibition takes us into the 22.48 m² gallery as if we were in a plant cave. Derived from the ancient Greek, the term hyle refers to the material from which a thing is made. For the artist, this matter is made up of heterogeneous elements that are constantly assembling and breaking up. The experience she proposes is that of a reality where plant, mineral and animal intertwine, interconnect and influence each other. The use of one material in one work irremediably evokes another. The world we are entering seems chimerical. Yet it is very real and presents nature as a vast, long, even DNA continuum in which matter communicates and co-evolves. This exhibition is the story of the history of the cohabitation of kingdoms and species, detached from anthropomorphic bias and paying tribute to its cyclical nature.


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