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Modern art

Charles Pollock

45 min visit

Galerie ETC
10 Oct → 1 Dec 2019
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

« That's damn good artist! Expo not to be missed!  »

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to discover the work of a very great American artist, paradoxically very little known to the general public. His name Charles Pollock. "Pollock, Pollock... a connection to Jackson Pollock? "you say to me. Bim, won! And yes, Jackson had a brother, Charles, the eldest of five boys. Jackson was the youngest of them. The brothers of artists are legion in the history of art - think of the Le Nain, Giacometti, or Duchamp. But the one of the two Pollock brothers is quite peculiar, by the surprising opposition of style in which each of them flourishes. But let's take an interest in Charles. Very early on, he became interested in the work of Rivera and Orozco, Mexican muralist painters. In 1926, he left Los Angeles for New York, where Jackson joined him a few years later. From 1950 to the late 1960s, while continuing to paint, he taught calligraphy, printmaking and graphic design at Michigan State College. Two sabbatical years marked his career and his painting: Mexico, in 1955-56 - it was on his return from this leave, which was very artistically splendid, that he learned of Jackson's death - and Rome, in 1962-63. In 1971, he moved to Paris with his wife and daughter. A rather exceptional destiny led Charles Pollock from his native Colorado to the streets of Cody, Wyoming - where he played marbles with Buffalo Bill -, to those of Los Angeles, New York, Rome, and finally, Paris. In 1962, when he travelled to Europe, he was the first of his family to cross the Atlantic and realize a dream: to see up close the paintings, frescoes and monuments that had inhabited his mental landscape for so many years. The ETC gallery proposes to focus on the works of the 60s, made between Michigan and Rome, where the painter has a sabbatical year: collages, the series "Black and grey", "Black and color" and "Rome". This Parisian exhibition is crucial, because it is in Paris that the artist spent the last seventeen years of his life. It was there that he strolled, visited museums and galleries. Recognized on the international scene thanks to a retrospective at the Guggenheim in Venice in 2015, these works from the 1960s are presented, for the first time in Paris, in close collaboration with the Charles Pollock Archives. The exhibition is thus an opportunity both to celebrate a work that oscillates between a certain lyricism and a colourful abstraction close to the "Color Field", and to discover a remarkable but little-known figure of American abstraction.


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