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Contemporary art

Chiharu Shiota, Inner Universe

40 min visit

Galerie Templon - Grenier Saint Lazare
30 May → 25 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« A fascinating exhibition whose woven works transcend the body and link beings together. »

You have already seen in Paris the colourful woven works of the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota, born in Osaka in 1972, who centres her work around memory and intersubjectivity represented by spider threads. She returns to the Templon gallery, in a series of original sculptures and in-situ installations, where she proposes a poetic staging of intimacy. "Inner universe" is an exploration of the inner world and of the links that are forged within it, of the tensions we discover between the finiteness of existence and eternity. Boxes of red, white and black threads, the artist's signature works, contain levitating clothes, anatomy books and other personal objects. Questioning our conception of the body, the thread that encircles the objects seems to crystallize their physical presence. This detachment from earthly life is countered by another set of sculptures made of imperishable materials: from the blown glass of Cells, which evokes organs bursting with life, to the bronze of The hand, a cast of the artist's hands. Still working on his extraordinary mastery of thread, Shiota goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the painting in Skin, where his braided canvases recreate a skin. Finally, this intimacy would be nothing without the explicitation of the relationships between beings, which she expresses in a floor installation where she binds parts of her body and her family together with red threads. A poetic and intimate work to be discovered immediately!


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