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Contemporary art

Circles and squares

90 min visit

Bonisson Art Center
19 May → 29 Sep 2021
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 7pm.

« It's time for an artistic excitement at the Bonisson Art Center!  »

Immerse yourself in the luminous universe of Michel Verjux, who offers a profound vision of Nicolas Chardon's paintings with his original installations. You will be dazzled by this incredible dialogue between art and light! Much more than an exhibition, it is a work in its own right where light directs and is directed. The eyes cross and intermingle to illuminate the invisible. Take advantage of your visit to taste the wine of the Bonisson estate, which is organically grown. Christian Le Dorze is the proud owner of the estate and has been a collector of contemporary art for over 40 years. After the art centre's first exhibition devoted to the artist Georges Rousse, he insists on his desire to promote contemporary art in all its forms. He says: "I have always wanted to distinguish in the work, its quality, its creative process, the emotion it gives me and the personality of the artist. I have to appreciate the work as such, but when all these elements are combined, an additional joy appears. "


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