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Contemporary art

Claire Chesnier

45 min visit

Galerie ETC
31 Jan → 20 Mar 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday

« A bewitching work of a young artist to be discovered without fail!  »

Claire Chesnier. Do you know her? She's a young French artist often called the alchemist of color. She makes fun of it in subtle abstractions. Inviting us to walk our eyes, one shot vertically, another horizontally, sometimes even to turn around, the work of Claire Chesnier disturbs the senses and questions us. The coloured inks that compose it evoke painting from afar. The treatment of the surface shows no thickness, no variation. The tones are warm and cold, luminous and dark and blend into each other without any gradation. Remembering Impressionism at its most advanced abstraction? Details so close to landscapes that one loses all orientation? Horizons that look like dawn or toxic waters? Faced with the works of the artist, each one makes his imagination work and activates his own references. Claire Chesnier creates a space without reference points, with a bewildering multiplicity, which is not without recalling the subjectivity to which reality is subjected - and which also evokes its richness. As we never experience the same thing twice, we never see her works twice in the same way.


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