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Contemporary art

Claire Williams, Magnetic Songs

45 min visit

Wallonia-Brussels Centre
25 May → 14 Jul 2020
From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm..

« A delicate and sensory exhibition that explores the inaudible sounds that surround us! A subtle work to discover... »

Silicas, metalloids and carbons are minerals formed 3.8 billion years ago. Today, they are the main materials of our electronic circuits and devices. Their mineral layers reveal the evolution of our planet, perhaps even of our galaxy, to the extent that their constitution has become an integral part of modern history by allowing the digital data of our daily lives to pass through. In "Chants magnétiques", the Belgian artist Claire Williams wants to make the inaudible frequencies that surround us palpable. Recordings, earthquakes, brain waves, VLF or ELF, terrestrial magnetic fields: these phenomena bring different magnetic and electronic components into interaction. In her devices, Claire Williams offers a tactile relationship to these sound phenomena. With sculptures made of glass, copper and magnetized balls, she turns these waves into concrete objects that can be visualized and understood. We then perceive part of the tiny vibrations in which we are constantly immersed, and which are passing through us at this very moment.


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