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Contemporary art

Coraline de Chiara, Echoes II

45 min visit

Galerie Odile Ouizeman
7 Sep → 26 Oct 2019
From Tuesday to Friday 2 pm to 7 pm. Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday.

« A young artist unveiling a poetic universe who has the wind in its sails! »

After presenting the first chapter of the exhibition "Echoes", in January 2019, at the Claire Gastaud Gallery in Clermont Ferrand, the artist Coraline de Chiara and the curator Julie Crenn invest the Odile Ouizeman gallery with the second part an exhibition that is part of a long-term artistic project. The expo, which, like the rebounds of a sound on the walls of the mountains reveals different facets, opens the space and an unpredictable dimension dear to Coraline de Chiara. The first chapter was devoted to fireflies, fragile and precious. The second chapter, here, is more turned towards the sleepers, discrete presences, invisible, resistant. Coraline de Chiara 's work is based on a manipulation of the object - image of her research, whose boundaries and classifications she cancels. Whether drawing, collage, video or painting, it "stretches the image". This one is worked by the superposition and the juxtaposition to disturb the subject and to create an illusion. The books, which the artist considers as "objects of power" represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They contain secrets, stories, images, a sleeping memory. Out of the libraries, neglected books, whose content in a state of sleep, yet open unsuspected territories that the artist likes to reinvest and update. Coraline de Chiara operates variations between scales, chatter, silences, revelations, jamming and numbness of the images collected. She thus builds a transcultural landscape in which she articulates a plurality of mythological and anonymous figures, materials and motifs. A landscape, a new geography whose map unfolds to infinity. A landscape of persistent images, fireflies revived. The exhibition will reveal a coherent whole of his work. And if it's titled "Echoes", it's in reference to a Pink Floyd title, dating back to 1971 and belonging to the album Meddle. A river song spanning more than 23 minutes ...


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