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Contemporary art

Coup de foudre

45 min visit

Espace Fondation EDF
15 Mar → 20 Oct 2019
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday.

« A poetic and crazy white card. We love it! »

A gigantic bouquet of flowers swirling in height, a little girl hanging above the void clinging to her trapeze, a shoulder g-string on coat racks, very cold suits, a wedding dress, a sponge suit. Welcome to "Coup de foudre", an offbeat exhibition, full of humour and lightness, created by HyberTalec, a contraction of Fabrice Hyber and Nathalie Talec, a duo of unbridled artists, gathered for the occasion. The energy of love at first sight is expressed in the form of an effervescent encounter between artists and visitors, in a journey of emotional and artistic experiences. Original fact, the exhibition in which the public is a part changes every day and therefore does not have the same appearance. A four-handed exhibition to be lived as an exquisite corpse, "Coup de foudre" is a chain reaction, a proliferation of artistic proposals: from the dance floor to the emotional booths, from the sensation pavilions to the stunning rooms, visitors witness a sparkling encounter between the artists and are themselves transported by an electrifying rage into immersive spaces. ABOUT HYBRID FABRICE AND NATHALIE TALEC Fabrice Hyber's artistic activity and thought are constantly crossed by the notions of mutation and transformation. Starting from the practice of drawing and painting, he invests all modes of expression and spreads his work from one medium to another. Nathalie Talec, for her part, is committed to the processes of experimentation, aggregation, sorting, as well as reappropriation and hybridization. Her work is embedded in minute and fragmentary forms, in the disparate and the everyday.


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