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Damien Deroubaix. Orpheus' suitcase

90 min visit

Museum of Hunting and Nature
19 May → 31 Oct 2021
From Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Closed Monday.

« Naji Asfar, a great collector of ancient objects, has collected the 300 figurines exhibited here on the Mediterranean coast. Here is the presentation of a small part of his vast millennial bestiary, which fits in a suitcase... »

Made of bronze or ceramic, these zoomorphic statuettes were used in antiquity for their so-called prophylactic power, i.e. to prevent the onset, spread or aggravation of a disease without curing it. Whether venerated or hated by mortals, these figurines were an integral part of their daily lives. Today, they are the witnesses of religions and cults that have totally disappeared, where the animal had a much more important place in daily life than today... For the reopening exhibition of the museum, Damien Deroubaix invests the entire room by recreating an ancient cave, using his sculptures, paintings and woodcuts. The works of the contemporary artist create a protective barrier for the small and fragile statues, while denouncing the cruelty of today's society on the fauna and flora. With La Valise d'Orphée, Damien Deroubaix draws parallels with the customs of yesterday and today, as well as with human interaction with nature, an issue that is still relevant today. Upon entering the museum, the visitor is plunged directly into a mythological world. A giant bronze reproduction of the Venus of Hohle Fels stands in the middle of the museum's courtyard and takes the place of Orpheus, the mythological goddess who charms the wild beasts. Damien Deroubaix draws his inspiration from prehistory, mythology and the world around him to give new keys of interpretation of this ancient collection, through a deliberately expressionist production.


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