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Contemporary art

Dark matter, Atsunobu Kohira

45 min visit

Maubert Gallery
19 Dec → 1 Feb 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« A contemplative dive into what is not visible but present. Fascinating work!  »

Dark matter is an invisible matter whose existence in the Universe is postulated. It is also the very matter of this exhibition. For several years now, Atsunobu Kohira has been exploring the potential of coal as a raw material, which he transforms and interprets in the course of his creations. Specific creation of a charcoal Indian ink; wall drawing made of straight lines that spread out in a range of rays, produced by a wire dipped in ink; sculpture of coal holding both a sarcophagus and a chrysalis where a dancer could perform. More recently, drawings made on full moon nights, during which Atsunobu addresses the star, facing space and in the middle of vast fields. His works are indeed the trace of a spiritual journey, but they are also, always the fruit of a lived, performed action. The exhibition proposed here at Galerie Maubert invites us to confront and understand this ritual of the body that the artist uses to create immateriality.


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