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Contemporary art

David Douard. O ti lullaby

60 min visit

Le Plateau - Frac Ile-de-France
27 Sep → 28 Feb 2021
Wednesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

« Enter a bewildering universe where lyricism and digital are mixed. »

In the image of his work, David Douard has totally reshaped the space of the Plateau. The language interferes between pop culture, everyday objects and architecture. Anonymous texts and poems collected on the internet by the artist illustrate his sculptures and installations. Language is his main support and tool, to which he adds digital objects. David Douard rethinks the environment that surrounds him by integrating urban architectural elements, such as grids or partitions. Like Instagram posts, the artist superimposes modified moving images, which are personal yet collective since anonymous. To this is added a voice and the words of poems, always expressing this collective word.


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