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Denis Darzacq. The prey for the shadow

40 min visit

Galerie RX
1 Sep → 2 Oct 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« Abstract or ancient forms? Reality or imagination? We are not sure what these photos represent, as they transport us into Denis Darzacq's unique universe. »

For his third solo show at Galerie RX, Denis Darzacq has decided to group together several of his series: Contreformes, Absences, Recompositions, Photos mobiles are presented together with photographs from more recent projects, such as Act 2 and Hyper. These are images where light, movement, materials and volumes dialogue through what appear to be abstract photographs. In reality, they are "concrete photographs of abstract situations" as the artist so aptly puts it. It should be noted that Denis Darzacq is first and foremost a photojournalist by training. This is surprising when you see these photographs that border on abstraction. Recently, he has detached himself from the reality of the field to be alone in his studio and create forms that are totally detached from their background and independent of their environment. The image no longer tells something, it no longer informs the viewer. It represents a material that exists individually. To create these forms that look like prehistoric minerals and abyssal shells, Denis Darzacq dives into his own archives to cut out images, assemble them, reform them and capture a whole image. These photographs are then arranged in such a way as to form a single image, which is in turn photographed, and so on... An endless mise en abyme of different realities that only photography can witness! It is a global questioning of the place of a body in the frame, both literally and figuratively. Going back to his previous works, Denis Darzacq offers us photographs with an abstract character that is almost archaeological, both in the process of creation and in the forms given. To be seen simultaneously with Samuel Rousseau's solo show, which also transports us into a parallel world. Is the RX gallery a space out of time?


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