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DRAWING POWER. Children of compost

90 min visit

Drawing Lab Paris
26 Jun → 30 Sep 2021
Every day from 11 am to 7 pm.

« Exploring life and the future of humanity through drawing is the challenge that the artists have set themselves for this exceptional exhibition!  »

As the title suggests, this exhibition looks at the astonishing and sometimes overlooked power of drawing. The medium, which has been in vogue recently, allows the creation of new forms. Through the exploration of this new means of transmission, the artists presented here insist on the ecological awareness that drawing allows. Committed to the fight against global warming, the artists exhibited draw the contours of an artistic and environmental ecosystem. Alongside them, the work of internationally renowned anthropologists and philosophers of science also emphasises the importance of the link between nature and culture. Like a human community, these drawings form a group and offer us a parallel vision of the world around us and all its current and future issues: the body, sexuality, science, our relationship to work... The subtitle, Children of Compost, refers to an era of future life, "regenerated by new conceptions of the living" in the words of Donna J. Haraway. A near future of which this exhibition tries to give us an image, based on the difficulties of the present.


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