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Fabien de Chavanes. The Big Year

45 min visit

Ségolène Brossette Gallery
8 Oct → 28 Nov 2020
From Thursday to Saturday 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed from Sunday to Wednesday.

« Multiplication, time travel or teleportation?  »

Since the digital revolution, the world we live in has changed! Artificial intelligence accompanies us on a daily basis, virtual reality has become commonplace and we all speak almost the same language thanks to instantaneous translation. Our relationship with reality is different, as is our relationship with the space in which we find ourselves! Fabien de Chavanes explores this new universe. Like the Stoics, he thinks of the world as a new cosmos that appears after the cycle of each Great Year. And the one we are living in now is hyper-connected, with living beings that constantly communicate with each other. Through his photographic montages, the artist creates a universal language in order to express himself on the mortal condition of Man. The white square in which he finds himself is infinitely multiplied, as is the space in which we evolve: abstract and neutral, delimited only by a square shape. Presented at Art Paris Art Fair 2020, it is a primarily performative work where the artist places himself on the ground on a white square fabric, in which he never stops moving from one place to another. Sitting, standing, in a suit or lying on his back, Fabien de Chavanes explores all possible positions in the both limited and infinite space of the white square.


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