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Contemporary art

Fabrice Hyber. Living in the forest

60 min visit

Galerie Obadia Paris
12 Nov → 23 Jan 2021
From Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed on Sunday.

«  Still no tree for Christmas? Go and see Fabrice Hyber's artworks instead! »

For his third exhibition at the Nathalie Obadia gallery, Fabrice Hyber presents his latest paintings and ceramics. Through this new series, the artist wanted to study the connexion between nature and the urban world. This is not surprising when you know his working method! Fabrice Hyber not only create like all artists, but he elaborates real projects, studies around his artworks. Conceived as drafts, his creations are only the beginning of his actions and other experiments. The forest has always been important to Fabrice Hyber and serves as a model of creation. His aesthetics is almost scientific: quick sketches, orderly disorder... All in a humorous tone that denounces the ecological catastrophe. And "Hyber Green" has become his signature. Beyond the subject of this new series, it is therefore a lifelong project around forest: he is planting trees around his workshop in the Vendée since twenty years. The forest is almost something obsessive for the artist. His work revolves around the denunciation of the ecological disaster by taking ownership of its stakes. But the forest is really a space that is close to his heart. He observes it attentively and sees its progressive transformations because of the invading urban civilisations: "The rules of survival of the forest have been replaced by regulations that turn into repression. (...) The pipes of a house connected to the city's networks are like branches or roots, but also like streams or springs", he says. But nowadays, the trend is changing and nature conservation is more topical than ever!


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