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90 min visit

Espace Fondation EDF
27 May → 22 Jan 2022
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday.

« The itinerary of this artistic and educational exhibition tries to make us understand the complex mechanism of diffusion of false information  »

With the omnipresence of social networks in our daily life, we are systematically confronted with intoxications. We no longer know if a piece of information is true or false, without checking it. In order to alert us to the scourge of the propagation of false information, the EDF Foundation brings together several French and international artists under a collective curatorship. The aim of this exhibition is to show us the spiral of misinterpretation that can turn into total intoxication, and even lead to a collective blindness. Reality is mixed with perception and the possible interpretations that we can have when faced with any kind of information. Drawings, paintings, installations and videos all work together to make us aware, especially the youngest, of the intoxications that can be everywhere. The fake front page of the New York Times by the Yes Men, the deep fakes by the duo Bill Posters/Daniel Howe or the fake news printer by Tsila Hassine and Carmel Barnea Brezner Jonas play with our perception of reality and our founded beliefs. The artists propose to us to assimilate certain methods to avoid the diffusion of intoxications and to escape from manipulations, whether they are economic, political or social. In any case, beware of appearances during your visit...


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