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Foncteur d'oubli

45 min visit

Le Plateau - Frac Ile-de-France
19 Sep → 8 Dec 2019
Wednesday to Sunday from 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday & Tuesday.

« A well thought-out and enriching exhibition! »

The French artist Benoît Maire gathers artists, designers and architects in an exhibition that considers, based on customary use, relationships between art and design and architecture, reviewing the premise that the arts are free and design objects are subject to constraints – due to their functional purpose. The title of the exhibition Foncteur d’oubli, referring to a mathematical operation, forgetful functors, that shifts objects from one category to another by ‘forgetting’ certain properties, reflects the permeable boundaries between objects of art, design and architecture The exhibition thus stages their correspondences through a scenography with a very architectural dimension designed by Ker-Xavier. The young designers present in the exhibition emphasize the creative dimension of design and the unique and non-reproducible character of certain pieces, which, therefore, are similar to works of art, while the artists are interested in the ambiguity of our relationship with consumer goods or their decorative dimension. Whether contemporary or historical, the objects gathered in the exhibition have been realized by creators with a shared interest in materials and gestures.


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