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Contemporary art

François Morellet

60 min visit

Galerie Kamel Mennour
23 Jan → 7 Mar 2020

«  A great opportunity to rediscover a major work of geometric abstraction!  »

A network of black parallel lines superimposed in a certain order, does that mean anything to you? Do you know who did it? It's François Morellet who's in the spotlight in the two Parisian galleries kamel mennour! It's great to see this immense French artist, who died in 2016, a major player in geometric abstraction and a precursor of minimalism. Like the musician John Cage at the same time or the Arp couple forty years earlier, François Morellet works above all on the methods of creation that he questions. He demystifies the Romantic figure of the artist by applying in the elaboration of his work mathematical principles decided in advance, going so far as to bring chance into play. His works are composed of simple lines and their infinite possibilities: in turn, they intersect or never intersect, and participate in the appearance of geometric forms, which sometimes undergo radical destructuring. Morellet chooses to conduct this experiment on multiple supports and creates monumental sculptures, paintings, wall hangings of paintings that break up, floor installations. Thus, as the result of a scientific experiment, systems seem to emerge from his works.


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