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Françoise Pétrovitch. Forget Me Not !

45 min visit

Semiose Gallery
12 Sep → 24 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« An exhibition to visit without fail to find the singular universe of this artist!  »

We are very happy to see the works of this French artist in a new exhibition at the Sémiose gallery. Among the many materials and techniques used by Françoise Pétrovitch - ceramics, glass, wash, painting, publishing or more recently video - drawing, and more particularly ink drawing, holds a special place. This is indicative of a plastic economy marked by accuracy (that of the line, the frank choice of color), by the absence of commentary. "I work "with" the adventures of ink, not "against" - as in the case of engraving. ». Trained in applied arts, the artist has kept a particular attention to the technical know-how. She exploits the specificities of each medium while transposing, translating the processes of one into the other. The work on canvas takes up the effects of the work on paper, like the use of the reserve which is then materialized by a white paint. On the sheet of paper, the reserve acts as a drawing, a contour, and this limit between the painted and the unpainted is an impassable border. It is in the mastery of the reserve that this skillful hand stands out, drawing in color with the white holes, as in these skeleton children where the skeleton appears in reserve inside the washes. In the oil paintings, recently done in the Norman workshop of Verneuil-sur-Avre and to be discovered here at the gallery, the whites are the densest areas of the work, as in Lucie (2020) and Aveuglé (2020) where the opacity of the white is redoubled by these hands that mask the faces, annihilating their individuality. A red line drawing, typical of the artist's work over the last fifteen years, intervenes in the white to surround hands and faces. With a protean work, Françoise Pétrovitch proposes an ambivalent universe, where childlike imagery gives way to strange figures playing with the boundaries between masculine and feminine, man and animal. Navigating between interiority and exteriority, anxiety and lightness, strength and fragility, the artist questions the ways of being in the world. An exhibition for young and old!


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