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Françoise Pétrovitch Living in the Villa

50 min visit

Villa Savoye
18 Sep → 24 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 5 pm (from September 1 to April 30), from 10:15 am to 5:30 pm (from June 13 to August 31). Closed Monday

« A fruitful dialogue between the artist's works and architecture and the chromatic researches of Le Corbusier.  »

"Habiter la villa" is the title of the exhibition that the Center for National Monuments is presenting this fall as part of a carte blanche entrusted to Françoise Pétrovitch at the Villa Savoye in Poissy. A century apart, the artist Françoise Pétrovitch evokes the memory of Eugénie Savoye, who commissioned the Villa Savoye in 1928. By choosing her as the starting point for her reflection, the artist wishes to recall an incredibly audacious personality that nothing predestined to call upon the master of modern architecture that was Le Corbusier. Through this evocation, Françoise Pétrovitch allows the house to reconnect with its domestic dimension and its function as a home. Following in Eugénie's footsteps, the artist reinvigorates life in the Villa Savoye, a "machine for living", according to its architect, but also a "machine for moving". Paintings and sculptures are in tune with the house. Adjusting the dimensions of the canvases to the format of the architecture and basing her chords on Le Corbusier's colored keyboards, Françoise Pétrovitch extends the architect's gesture. The installation constraints force the paintings to fit as closely as possible to the architecture and underline the beauty and accuracy of the proportions and details. Thus, for example, to the numerous striped bays that punctuate the living room, the artist responds with a large horizontal painting, which in turn opens a window through the image. The artist Françoise Pétrovitch, born in 1964, enjoys national and international recognition. She uses many mediums - ink, paint, ceramics, bronze, video, engraving, etc. - to create her works. - and plays on the different scales of the projects. Her still lifes, portraits and landscapes are traversed by themes of the double, transition and cruelty, and rarely leave the viewer unscathed.


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