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Modern art

From Douanier Rousseau to Séraphine

105 min visit

Maillol museum
11 Sep → 23 Feb 2020
Every day from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. Nocturnal Friday until 8:30 pm.

« An exciting, dreamy, unusual and inexhaustible world!  »

Many people now know Séraphine Louis dit Séraphine de Senlis, recently popularized in Marc Provost's film and a character portrayed by Yolande moreau. But in the world of naive painters who know Camille Bombois or Dominique Peyronnet? This is the opportunity to visit the Maillol Museum to discover them. Gathered for the first time in Paris, the hundred or so works in the brilliant colours of the so-called "naïve" artists reveal an often neglected part of the history of art in the interwar period. Called "modern primitives" by one of their fervent defenders, the collector and art critic Wilhelm Uhde (1874-1947), these artists renewed painting in their own way, away from avant-garde and academicism. Following in the footsteps of Henri Rousseau and Séraphine Louis, the exhibition aims to bring out of oblivion a constellation of artists such as André Bauchant, Camille Bombois, Ferdinand Desnos, Jean Ève, René Rimbert, Dominique Peyronnet and Louis Vivin. Articulated around a thematic path, the exhibition highlights the pictorial qualities of these artists, beyond the biographical anecdote that has stuck to their skin and made them minor artists. A selection of surprising and counter-current works from major French and international public and private collections reveals the great formal inventiveness of each artist. By combining historical and sensitive approaches to the works and their presentation to the world, the exhibition reveals the subversive dimension of so-called naïve art and presents these naïve, primitive, modern or antimodern artists as great artists against the trend of the avant-garde.


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