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Modern art

Fuji, land of snow

45 min visit

Guimet Museum
1 Jul → 28 Sep 2020
From Wednesday to Monday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Tuesday.

« A sensitive and poetic dive into one of the most famous landscapes in the world!  »

Mount Fuji! To say, to listen to its name is already to travel to a faraway land, to dream of surveying this famous site, to feel its mists cover one's face, to its eternal snows. Mount Fuji is probably the landscape that awakens the most sense in humans. So when we think of Japanese prints, Mount Fuji stands out in a corner of our eye, immutable: exceptionally symmetrical, dominating the landscape of the Japanese archipelago, constantly covered with immaculate snow. Its first occurrence in painting dates back to the 11th century and since then it has never ceased to inspire artists. The masters of Japanese printmaking in the 19th century took up this motif, to which they attached themselves and which they reproduced infinitely, from all angles and in all seasons. From The Great Wave of Tanagata by Hokusai to the Fifty-three stations of Tōkaidō in Hiroshige, "the land of snow" does not disappear from the landscape. It goes so far as to fascinate the French impressionists, fond of Japanese art, who appreciate the first atmospheric transcriptions or the work of the paper left in reserve to reproduce the snow. Even today, the motif of Mount Fuji continues to nourish the work of artists, particularly those in contemporary photography. Thanks to its rich collection of prints, the Musée Guimet invites you to discover these exceptional landscapes, transcribed in a thousand and one ways over the centuries.


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