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Future, Former, Fugitive: A French scene

75 min visit

Palais de Tokyo
16 Oct → 6 Jan 2020
From Wednesday to Monday from 12 am to Midnight. Closed Tuesday.

« An exhibition of a (certain) French art scene as well as a panorama of contemporary art in France!  »

For its new exhibition, the Palais de Tokyo questions the concept and actors of a "French scene". In 2016, the institution had already addressed this question with the "Notre Histoire" exhibition, through emerging artists in France who were at the time the material of our future. The exhibition "Futur, ancien, fugitif", devoted to "a French scene", now brings together artists born in France or abroad, living in France or abroad, temporarily or permanently linked to this country - as much as it escapes the effects of tabula rasa which would have one generation eclipse another. On the contrary, it brings together "contemporaries" who today share this evolving space with porous borders. The exhibition brings together forty-four artists (or artist collectives) born between the 1930s and 1990s who all live and work in and with their time. This project, carried out in a collegial manner by four commissioners at the Palais de Tokyo, is not an exhaustive or even representative photograph but simply a sensitive one of a vast and complex French scene today. A dynamic mapping of another French scene, this exhibition thus reaffirms the role of certain pass-r-se-s, more secret figures and fugitives of all kinds, but above all artists who inscribe their work in a form of duration, whether at the dawn of their career or already at the head of a dense work. This exhibition is also an opportunity to remind us that there is no such thing as a French scene, but rather a number of communities, commitments and singularities.


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