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Contemporary art

Future of Love #2

90 min visit

Magasins généraux
21 Jun → 20 Oct 2019
Only on Sat and Sun from 12am to 8pm.

« Hot in front! Notice to unbridled amateurs and connected minds »

Have you ever thought about the love of the future, the one that some people imagine connected, ultra-sensory, in virtual reality and why not in augmented reality? We immediately think of the series "Black Mirror" and its futuristic projections that are scary. The General Stores are taking the next step and anticipating the possible future of love and sex life in relation to new technologies, scientific advances, changes in practices, mores and ideas. With "Future of Love #2", they lead us into a forward-looking vision on love and sexuality by inviting some forty international artists, recognized or emerging, who have made love their favourite theme. Between dystopia, sensuality, fantasy and hope, the exhibition consists of eight chapters, which explore as many future potentials. Starting from the role of algorithms in the encounter, they address in turn the dematerialization, commodification and robotization of love and carnal relationships, the synthesis of love feeling and physical attraction by science, as well as the fluidity of love and sexuality freed from the dominant moral and social frameworks. The exhibition's journey thus questions these new kinds of practices, which lead to a redefinition of the very nature of love, desire and enjoyment in the years to come. He finally freed himself from human considerations, to open himself to the forms that love embodies in nature and to the infinite power of this poetic, creative, metaphysical and universal energy. Thought of as a sensory journey, the exhibition takes the form of a labyrinth spread over 1000 m2. It is punctuated by corridors, halls, alcoves and immersive environments, which host the works presented - drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, multimedia installations and performances - including ten projects by young artists co-produced by the Magasins généraux.


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