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Georges Rousse Watercolours and photographs

40 min visit

Galerie Catherine Putman
9 Nov → 18 Jan 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« An intimate exhibition that allows us to understand the complex work of the visual artist. »

International artist and tireless traveller, Georges Rousse has worked for the past two years in Lima, Peru, India, Kochi, Shodoshima, an island in Japan's inland sea for a project carried out as part of the Setouchi 2019 triennial, in Lisbon, Portugal and France. So many very different places - a building under renovation in Portugal, an industrial space in France, buildings of traditional architecture in Asia - that he invests in by various means: painting, chalk or pages of newspapers whose images are hidden. A permanent search for the enhancement of space through light, colour and the insertion of geometric shapes, more or less complex, realized in anamorphoses. But the space thus transformed could have been different, that's the meaning of Georges Rousse's watercolour work. Before taking his photographs, Georges Rousse made many sketches and watercolours. It is this meticulous work that the Putman Gallery is interested in with this new exhibition. Drawing has always been part of his creative process. Watercolour allows him to project himself into the proposed space, to imagine different possible interventions and this without constraints. The shapes, colours and materials envisaged are only conditioned at this stage by the search for the enhancement of the site and the search for light. However, the drawing cannot be transposed as it stands in an installation and is a pure utopia. But it opens the artist's, and therefore the public's, eyes to the space he questions.


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