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Gérard Traquandi. Rejoice!

45 min visit

Galerie Catherine Putman
12 Sep → 24 Oct 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday 2 pm to 7 pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

« Back in present time! »

The Catherine Putman gallery presents a large part of Gérard Traquandi's creation. This seems obvious when one knows that the gallery is a specialist in works on paper and has been representing the artist for twenty years. It is an astonishing art halfway between photography and drawing: the poses of the characters recall the photographic realism of the paintings of Caillebotte, Courbet and other painters of the 19th century. However, these works on paper are beautiful and very contemporary! Sensual and subtle, they testify to the perfect mastery of printmaking by Gérard Traquandi. The title of the exhibition refers to the words addressed by the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin at the Annunciation. Moreover, the portfolio of xylographs made by the artist himself for the gallery is entitled: "Representation of the mystery of the Incarnation, the irruption of the immeasurable in the world. If religion is also present in Traquandi's work, it is partly due to his fascination for the prints of the Italian Renaissance. The drawings on display seem more secular than sacred, and that's normal! The figures are nude and the tonality is limited to two colors. But one also finds the characteristics of quattrocento painting in the pose of the characters, the volume and the movement, the superimposition of the strokes which seem to have been done with a brush etc. It is finally a long process of composition-decomposition that is better understood with the preparatory drawings, which are also presented. It is in an intimate atmosphere that you will discover the work of Gérard Traquandi, for whom drawing is at the heart of his work. The chromatic harmony, the attentive choice of paper and the delicate motifs translate a certain skill and musicality. You will have understood it, passionate about prints and sketches of all kinds, this exhibition is made for you!


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