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Contemporary art

Glenn Brown

45 min visit

Eugène Delacroix Museum
10 Oct → 9 Dec 2019
From Wed to Mon 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Closed Tue. Nocturnal first Thu of the month until 9 pm.

« An exciting dialogue between the British artist and Delacroix's works! »

For a few weeks, the Delacroix Museum's studio, in collaboration with FIAC, the International Contemporary Art Fair, becomes a showcase for the works of British artist Glenn Brown, presented by the Max Hetzler Gallery (Berlin, Paris, London) against paintings by Eugène Delacroix chosen by the artist. Born in Hexham in 1966, Glenn Brown is one of the most admired artists on the British contemporary scene. Her work covers the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture and draws its materials from a repertoire of images drawn from both art history and popular culture. The combination of different artistic periods as well as the mixing of formal styles are at the heart of his art. Transcending pictorial and temporal conventions, his work erases the common distinctions between beauty and ugliness, thus amplifying the emotional tension that emanates from them. As part of this exhibition, Glenn Brown will present unpublished works, with an emphasis on drawing, as well as a large-format sculpture inspired by Delacroix. Sharing with him his commitment to drawing, Glenn Brown has been using this form of expression since 2013, which he considers to be an artistic medium in its own right. In his drawings, characterized by their multiple layers, fluid shapes and energetic lines, the British artist manages to grasp all the potential and freedom that this medium offers. Working on noble subjects such as portraiture and nature, themes also explored by Delacroix, Glenn Brown transposes his predecessor's work into his own complex and unique artistic language.


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