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Science & Technology

Globes, the world at hand

60 min visit

Museum of Arts and Crafts
20 Sep → 19 Jan 2020
From Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Closed Monday.

« Notice to explorers of all ages, an exhibition event to explore the sky and the earth!  »

Cast off and discover unexplored continents and constellations! With five remarkable globes, this exhibition offers a cartographic exploration of the Earth and the sky at the time of the scientific and social revolution of the early 17th century. The terrestrial and celestial globes of Willem Blaeu, the famous cartographer, embody this moment when the Ptolemaic conception of the position of the Earth at the centre of the Universe begins to waver and when the great maritime expeditions discover territories hitherto unknown to the European world. Those of the geographers Jean-Baptiste Fortin and Charles Delamarche bear witness to the splendour of French science in the 18th century. Thanks to 3D modelling, explorers of all ages will be able to manipulate globes to discover the smallest details. Finally, rare Renaissance works and scientific instruments used for cartography complete the tour so that everyone can find something for themselves. Let's go, the world is at hand!


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