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Contemporary art

Green currents, created for the environment

60 min visit

Espace Fondation EDF
1 Sep → 31 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 am to 7 pm. Closed Monday.

« A militant and instructive exhibition that allows visitors to discover the work of artist-researchers, geographers and committed gardeners!  »

Art is political, art is ecological. At times when human activities are disrupting nature, at times when human behaviour needs to change for the sake of the environment, in short, at times when the Anthropocene challenges us, artists are looking for answers. Christiane Geoffroy twists geographical forms in large planispheres to denounce polluters; Sarah Trouche stands on a raft in a dry Aral Sea, depicting disappearance; Thierry Boutonnier incarnates the figure of the gardener and insists on the urgency of resurrecting flora; definitely dreamers, Nathan Grimes creates music from birch bark and Jacques Rougerie imagines projects of marine cities with animal forms. To warn and denounce, to act through his creations, to dream of solutions: these are the three directions that ecological art is taking, highlighted today by the exhibition of the EDF foundation. All these artists, and many others, are resolutely committed to ecology through their installations, photographs, videos or drawings. An ideal opportunity to discover a multiple, positive and meaningful artistic current, which reminds us of the central role of art in society.


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