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Gregory Crewdson. An Eclipse of Moths

45 min visit

Galerie Templon - Grenier Saint Lazare
7 Nov → 31 Jan 2021
From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« Reality or nightmare? Gregory Crewdson is a perfect illustration of the difficult times his country is going through... »

"An Eclipse of Moth" is the result of two years of work for the master of "staging photography". Gregory Crewdson presents for the first time in Europe his new series of panoramic photographs! Through 16 shots, critical and benevolent at the same time, the photographer paints the portrait of a country in the midst of an unprecedented health, economic and political crisis. The settings are made in New England, a post-industrial region particularly affected by the events. This series is a reflection on the failure of an American government in the face of the crisis and its consequences on the population. More globally, on the fragility of our world and the quest for redemption. Gregory Crewdson has been writing complex photographs for 25 years. Like a director, he chooses his actors and locations. For this series, he travelled around the city for three months to find the perfect locations. Surprising, because if you know his work, a large part of the photographed scenes take place indoors. But his technique remains unchanged: he photographs each object in the smallest details, from all possible and unimaginable angles and assembles them in the montage. This simultaneity of points of view accentuates the solitude of the protagonists who stand there, in the middle of cold settings on the verge of abandonment. As for the title of the series, it refers to the moths which, attracted by the artificial light of the cities, lose all natural landmarks. Like these moths, the characters are lost and disoriented, just like American society has been since the beginning of this crisis.


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