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Contemporary art

Hermann Nitsch. The Shape of colour

45 min visit

Galerie RX
7 Mar → 31 Jul 2020
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Closed Sunday & Monday.

« Don't miss this exhibition! Herman Nitsch is one of the last active shareholders!  »

The return of a painting monument to the RX Gallery! At the heart of a total and holistic art, his pictorial work consists of an exploration, freed from the traditional boundaries of art. Known for his "Theatre of Orgies" and "Mysteries" (1957), he plunges into a sacred, bloody universe, made of fascination for psychoanalysis, ancient myths and the liberation of the individual. This time, the exhibition takes the visitor into a gentler and lighter universe, but one that is equally rooted in the symbolic. Here Nitsch retranscribes his relationship to the sacred, coded by a defined chromatic vocabulary. Yellows for spiritual light; oranges for the liberation of Christ; greens and reds as metaphors for organic forms. Colour becomes the "glorious" and "laughing" sensation of existence. These colourful paintings find an echo in the 200 small, non-figurative drawings that accompany them. Almost a manifesto of the childlike innocence of art, they evoke seismic readings or the candour of a child who resolutely leaves his traces. The gestures of his pictorial art, deliberately primitive, lead us to observe a real process of destruction/creation.


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