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Street art

Hopare near the Louvre

25 min visit

Louvre Museum
23 Mar → 30 May 2021
Mon, Thu, Sat & Sun from 9 am to 6 pm. Nocturnal Wed and Fri until 9:45 pm. Closed Tue.

« What are those sculptures doing in front of the Louvre? This is the work of Hopare, the young French street artist on the rise! »

Hopare, whose real name is Alexandre Monteiro, is known for his monumental frescoes. From Paris to Calais via Strasbourg, they display an urban and striking aesthetic: straight, parallel or intertwined lines, his creations with a drawn look are a mixture of perfection, geometry and abstraction. Hopare's favourite subject, human faces, is again present in his sculptures. Four of them are life-size, one is huge. Their soft and delicate features give a light and sensual aspect to the bronze worked here: "The gravity of the metal is transformed into gold leaf paper, which one does not know if it covers the face or emanates from it, giving the bronze an unprecedented fragility. The reflections of these faces shine on the sumptuous façades of the Louvre Museum, which are only made more beautiful by this superb project! Hopare was born in Paris in 1989, grew up in Limours and trained with a renowned artist, Shaka. Since 2006, he has joined the TSF Crew, a group that promotes French street art. A name to remember!


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